Fetid Zombie - EFetid Zombie
Transcending Obscurity Records

TLDR: Old-school death metal with melodies and atmospheric parts.

Review: Mark Riddick is known in the underground metal scene for his graphics as well as his music. Fetid Zombie is one of his most active bands, having put out more than a dozen releases since the band was founded back in 2007. Epicedia is the band’s sixth album.

The deal here is kinda old-school death metal, but with melodies, heavy metal influences and even some acoustic guitars. There are only four songs on this album, but don’t let that fool you: the album’s playing-time is over 35 minutes. And that is one of the key problems here with the songs: they are just a bit too long for their own good. While mister Riddick has created some better riffs to go with, there are lot of stuff that is really mediocre and the compositions are not that good.

Despite my bitching about the lengths of the songs, I must credit Riddick being quite a talent in creating various atmospheric parts and details in the songs. However he could have used a partner in crime because now being solely responsible for all the songs and instruments, it seems he has gone somewhat off-road with all the ideas racing through his head. The potential here has not been unleashed to the fullest of extent.

The production is a bit weak and maybe even a bit too mushy for the genre in question. Vocals then again are better than average, being more lower growling than what is usually offered in the genre. But even with all the good ideas in the music, I must say Epicedia isn’t that good an album. If you’re a real hardcore fan of all in the world of death metal, give this one a try, but just don’t expect too much out of it.

Track list:
1. Lowered Beneath
2. Devour the Virtuous
3. Devour the Innocent
4. If the Dead Could Speak