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TLDR: Barathrum’s comeback album is a solid mid-tempo black metal release.

Review: One of the oldest Finnish black metal bands have returned. Some might say they never were away in the first place, but album-wise that’s the case anyhow. It is, after all, 12 years since the last album got out. So the question is: did this break did good or bad for the band?

The answer is: neither. Barathrum’s line-up isn’t the same it used to be during the 90’s and most of it has changed since the “golden era”. Thus it’s a kind of a surprise that Fanatiko is pretty good Barathrum album, even if not the best possible. The energetic mid-tempo and bass guitar dominated black metal is still the name of the game and vocalist/head honcho Sova’s vocal work is pretty much what it used to be. So, all is good in that respect.

Songs in general are very typical Barathrum, both in good and bad. The first songs of the album are the better ones and towards the end, the album kinda starts to shut down. However, there are no clear missteps. Even at worst, the album does its thing rather well.

Barathrum has always been very strong on bass and Fanatiko ain’t no exception. Even if Fanatiko is not the best in the discography, it’s clearly a solid Barathrum release that should please the fans just fine.

Track list:
01. Hellspawn
02. Pope Corpse Tattoo
03. On te Dark River Bank
04. Sadistic Pleasure
05. Arx Satanas
06. Church Amok
07. Spirit of the Damned
08. Fanatiko