At this Great Depth
Transcending Obscurity Records

TLDR: Doom metal meets death metal with too lengthy songs.

Review: Ireland’s Soothsayer can be called a doom/death metal hybrid without a doubt. Even though the basic slow-tempo pounding with some guitar melodies is clearly just doom, the more aggressive parts and deep growling vocals point towards death metal.

The EP contains only two tracks, yet the total playing time exceeds 20 minutes. Instead of going for more songs with more versatility, At this Great Depth is doing less with more length and it’s just too much repetition with too little material to go with. But it’s not all boring, since the atmosphere is great with its gloominess and darkness. However, the compositions could be way more interesting.

Soundwise it’s all mediocre and the growling vocals are somewhat basic in the genre. That being said, while the EP succeeds at atmosphere, it kinda fails with the songs. The result is average stuff in the genre, without being clearly good or bad.

Track list:
1. Umpire
2. Of Locusts and Moths