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Illimitable Dolor
Transcending Obscurity Records

TLDR: Dramatic funeral doom with a gothic atmosphere.

Review: Creating good and especially memorable funeral doom is a hard challenge. Not only because of the slow tempo, but because also the dramatic atmosphere and riffs that are hard to made catchy and whatnot. Sort of a miracle, Australian band Illimitable Dolor have succeeded at this with their self-titled debut album.

The album has four lengthy songs plus a Paradise Lost cover as a hidden track. The band’s own songs are dramatic and majestic, a music equivalent to a sort of a gothic cathedral. When you’ve heard one song from the album, you know the rest. That’s actually the only problem with the album. If anything, the album could have used more variance.

A typical Illimitable Dolor song consists of slow tempo, dramatic synths and low growling vocals. That and 10-12 minutes of playing time. Since there’s not much change within a song, the album can get a tad bit boring after a few spins. As a plus side, however, the atmosphere is perfectly gloomy and dark.

The production is quite okay, riffs sounding heavy and oppressing. That combined with the cover in question, the album is pretty good. All in all a must album to listen to if you’re into funeral doom in the first place.

Track list:
1. Rail of Moon, a Stone
2. Comet Dies or Shines
3. Salt of Brazen Seas
4. Abandoned Cuts of River
5. Eternal (Paradise Lost cover)