WarlordUK-MCWarlord UK
Maximum Carnage
Transcending Obscurity Records

TLDR: Old-school death metal reissue from the 90’s.

Warlord UK started early in the 1990’s but call it quits only a few years later. During those years they made their debut album Maximum Carnage which got a reissue a while ago, but without the original cover songs. This has been compensated by adding a couple of good-sounding live tracks to go with.

As a true to the genre, Maximum Carnage offers quite typical old-school death metal with hints of thrash to the music. This kinda reminds me of Bolt Thrower, but not being as catchy, gloomy or good in general to be that. Even though this one is a very easy album to get in, it’s also one of those albums one can easily forget after a couple of spins. There are nothing new on this one, really.

However the songs are not bad. They are better than mediocre anyway, even if nothing memorable or special. This kind of death metal still has its place for a spin every now and then, unless one is aiming for the cream only. The decent production and good growling vocals make sure that Warlord UK is yet another shitbag in the genre.

Track list:
1. Maximum Carnage
2. Disintegration
3. No Where to Run
4. Change
5. Alien Dictator
6. Vivesection
7. Theatre of Destruction
8. Race War