WrathFromAbove-BRCWrath from Above
Beyond Ruthless Cold
Apathia Records

TLDR: Intense & fast-tempo black metal in the vein of Panzer Division Marduk.

Review: Everybody in black metal knows Panzer Division Marduk as it is a a modern black metal classic. Only a few albums can measure up to its intensity and only a few even bother to try that. French black metal band Wrath from Above seems to agree with this and has taken the challenge. Game on.

This time the theme is Russian warmongering all the way from the cover image to other illustrations on the album. War is the shit here, even if not as underlined as with PDM. The main attention is of course the music. It’s fierce, hostile and fucking violent. All the way til the very end. There’s not much versatility, which is also a problem. The album tends to repeat itself after a while. However this can be mostly forgiven, since the album isn’t serving you any bullshit.

Sometimes though the band understands to slow down and there are even mid-tempo parts included. And in addition to traditional black metal shrieking there are also some growling parts. Not that they matter much.

Despite the album being a one-trick pony, Beyond Ruthless Cold is quite good an album. Even if it doesn’t bring much new to the table, the thing it does, is also well made. Worth checking out.

Track list:
1. Beyond Ruthless Cold (intro)
2. Prevail
3. Permafrost
4. They Came at Night
5. Storm the Sky
6. Empire
7. Scorching Ground (interlude)
8. Besieged
9. Concealed Weapons
10. World’s Burning
11. Everlast