Delirious Excursion
Transcending Obscurity India

TLDR: Very basic death metal from India.

Review: One could imagine that when a death metal band comes from India it’s all exotic and unique. Despite these expecations, Darkrypt debut is quite a typical western death metal album. Both in good and bad.

Delirious Excursion offers some 40 minutes of this quite alright beating with somewhat decent brutalization. Something that is totally typical in the genre. The tempo is fast, but nothing extreme. In fact nothing on this album is. It’s all somewhat dark and heavy, sure, but then again somewhat safe basic death metal, too. There’s nothing that makes this one strike out. It’s all too ordinary in the genre.

Delirious Excursion actually makes me think of a demo band where everything is waiting to be polished and refined, except maybe sounds and vocals which are quite nice as it is. Nothing on the album is bad per se, but nothing is really good either. But maybe in the end the biggest disappointment is that there’s nothing exotic or unique on this album. It’s just all too copycat death metal in the end.

Track list:
1. The Becoming Alteration
2. Dark Crypt
3. Chasm of Death
4. Abstract Submission
5. Cryptic Illusions
6. Folie à deux
7. Limbic Dichotomy
8. The Inducer
9. The Acceptor