Transcending Obscurity Records

TLDR: Happy & melodic heavy metal gone wrong.

Review: India has slowly started to take a bigger part of the metal scene, both in good and bad. Unfortunately for this group, Lucidreams falls in the latter category.

Bollocks, sorry, I mean Ballox consists of only five songs and thus it’s rather a mcd than a full-length album. Then again, it’s more than enough of this “fine delicacy”. The riffs could be described as a combination of prog rock, tradtional rock and some thrash vibes. While that combo is not a bad idea as it is, the way Lucidreams has pulled it through is just… ridiculous. The outcome is kinda “happy metal” with all its smiling riffs and whatnot, and this kinda sticks a sort of “daddy metal” stink on it.

As if this was not enough, the vocals high clean vocals are horrible. They remind me of Timo Rautiainen and Manowar’s Eric Adams early years somehow mixed together – badly. If something positive is to be said, the sounds are quite okay with their organic feel. However, Ballox is the type of crappy heavy metal that I can not recommend this to anyone – except to those who really like it when heavy metal sounds like crap. If you’re one of the, go get this album.

Track list:
1. Father Forgive Them – Prologue
2. Brains Collide
3. Mighty Stripes
4. Father Forgive Them – Epilogue
5. Ballox