The FurorThe Furor
Cavalries of the Occult
Transcending Obscurity Records

TLDR: Fast-tempo death/black metal hybrid gone awfully average.

Review: Australian band The Furor has been doing their black metal/death metal hybrid for more than 15 years. The years haven’t been wasted, at least when it comes to the sheer amount of releases, as there are five albums and a couple of EPs to go with. And as much I can say about Cavalries of the Occult, it seems that the pace is not slowing down.

Based on some of the quotes found on the Internet, one might come to the conclusion that this is one son of a bitch of an album. As I was listening through this album, I found all these “wow!” reactions hard to believe, for in my opinion Cavalries of the Occult is nothing new, nothing special. Yes, it’s intese, and yes, it’s fierce and chaotic. But that’s a whole different story than being actually a good album with good songs or even good riffs. In fact, Cavalries of the Occult is at its peak when it understands to slow down. That is, doing some mid-tempo shit.

Including some thrash elements as well, this kind of death/black metal stuff has been done a million times before, and most of the times a lot better. It seems like the whole point of the album is being fast and loud. Soundwise it’s all quite okay, yet nothing extraordinary. Vocals are somewhere in the middle of high shrieks and low growling. Not bad, but yet again very average.

Even more so, this album feels like a textbook example of mediocrity in chaos. However, if you feel like fast-tempo black metal / death metal hybrid is something new or innovative you’re into, this might have something to offer to you.

Track list:
1. Death Manifest
2. Cavalries of the Occult
3. Second Coming Slaughtered
4. The Flames of Fate
5. Storm of Swords
6. The 30 Year War
7. Rampage upon the Rational
8. Fomes Peccati
9. Totaliterror