MirrosOfObsidian-FOFMirrors of Obsidian
From One Form
Neohuman Records

TLDR: Original mix of death metal, thrash, ambient and whatnot.

Review: Irish brothers Ciaran and Eoin Ennis have created quite an interesting concept of modern metal. It cherrypicks elements from death metal, ambient and thrash metal creating rather unique music with it. In a way From One Form is a deathy and thrashy counterpart of Limbonic Art’s cosmic black metal.

Even with this reference, Mirrors doesn’t quite resemble any other band, since there are a lot of elements from various sources. In addition to Limbonic Art, I noticed myself thinking of At the Gates because some of the riffs and for some reason, Fear Factory, even if From One Form isn’t exactly industrial metal. And at the same time Mirrors isn’t like any other band, but one of a kind, or very fucking close to it. What’s best, From One Form manages to sound rather good than mediocre, which isn’t a given thing.

However, it’s not like From One Form is something totally new or totally atypical album, since there are many familiar vibes on it. Soundwise everything is strong and clear, even if maybe a bit too sterile for my taste. In this case, however, there are reasons to it, so it’s not really a minus. All in all From One Form is a success and even if it lacks catchiness, it’s stil an album worth checking out.

Track list:
1. Neutral Disease
2. Close to Interception
3. Eternity Gone
4. The Core
5. Blood and Chrome
6. Violent Reprisal
7. Lightwaves
8. From One Form