Season of Mist

TLDR: Chaotic & twisting death metal with post-metal and black metal vibes.

Review: In terms of hipster genres, post-death metal strongly sounds like one. And this is what is used to describe this Dutch band. I don’t normally bother to go that much into labels visions about the genre descriptions, but this time it’s actually pretty accurate. After all Ulsect’s debut album sounds like a modern death metal with black metal influences, but with a twist that actually reminds me of those post-metal bands. So, post-death metal – why the fuck not?

Ulsect’s vision of post-metal is way more brutal, darker and heavier than what you’d usually get to listen to and it kinda sounds like death metal, but not the typical way you’re all used to. Riffs have sudden twists and turns and the overall feeling is somewhat technical. Even though this approach is quite original, it’s not just all good. These compositions tend to have a price tag that says “For acquired taste only.”

References to Deathspell Omega hold some truth in them, since Ulsect’s style kinda resembles them, even if as death metal version. Ulsect’s strenghts are in the area of dark and oppressing atmosphere instead of single songs or even riffs. This is also a bit problematic since the album is hard to get into. It’s not catchy or easy to go with. It is what it is, but the sad thing is that it’s not actually good. It’s way to chaotic and cacophonic to really make an impact.

Even with it’s flaws, however, there is something tempting on the album. And that is what makes it more interesting than an average album. Decentish.

Track list:
1. Fall to Depravity
2. Our Trivial Toil
3. Diminish
4. Moirae
5. Unveil
6. An Augury
7. The Endling
8. Maunder