Unstoppable Power
High Roller Records

TLDR: Yet another Norwegian thrash group with black metal twists.

Review: Norwegian blackened thrash metal never dies, even if the level of this sub-genre isn’t that high. Condor is one of the newer servants of the genre, but sadly brings nothing new to it.

Unoriginal as fuck, Condor plays fast and straight-forward thrash metal. Riffs are not good nor original, but who gives a shit as long as the tempo is fast. At least that’s what I feel these guys where thinking when creating the album. It’s not like Unstoppable Power is shit as such, but let’s be honest: there’s nothing new here, nothing unique and nothing that makes this one stand out.

All the songs are carved from the same stone. There’s very little difference all in all. There is no catchiness, no really strong songs or anything that makes the better thrash groups stuck in your mind and listen to the album. Actually it feels like Condor is Aura Noir without anything good in it. It’s a pity, since these guys can clearly play well. Soundwise it’s pretty much the same stuff as the songs: decentish, but far from great.

An album that gets quite boring after a couple of spins.

Track list:
1. Embraced by the Evil
2. Riders of Violence
3. Chained Victims
4. You Can’t Escape the Fire
5. Unstoppable Power
6. 83 Days of Radiation
7. Malevolent Curse
8. Horrifier