Press release:
A year ago, the archdemons of British black metal, Thus Defiled, chose Imperative to promote their An Unhallowed Legacy release – and now they’re back. It’s twenty five years, a quarter of a century, since Thus Defiled first came screaming into the world, drunk on sacrificial blood and aflame with blasphemy and that’s an anniversary that’s well worth celebrating. Hence, we have been entrusted with the promotion of a new EP – A Return To The Shadows. Featuring one previously unheard original track and four vicious cover versions of songs that the band hold dear, this is a release of breathtaking savagery and demonic fury.

Two special guests have contributed their talents to the recordings; first, Donn Donni (Vesperian Sorrow) adds his wicked backing vocals to the heaviest version of Metallica’s ‘Creeping Death’ you will ever hear. Then, Mike Browning (Nocturnus, ex-Morbid Angel) takes over vocal duties for a brutal recreation of Morbid Angel’s classic ‘Demon Seed’. In addition Thus Defiled have desecrated Death’s ‘Evil Dead’ and W.A.S.P.’s ‘Hellion’.

Speaking about this release, frontman Paul C commented…
“25 years in. Where did the time go? This recording has been in the pipeline for a while, but now with the band turning 25 it seemed the right time to finally drag it out into the light. When we flew to Texas to record this EP, once again re-uniting the band with Daemonspawn producer Tim Bartlett at Noise Farm Studio, we had one new track written and had decided to cover a few songs that made a huge impression on us as kids. The only rule: no black metal covers!
So, over many beers, many suggestions and many arguments we ended up with this varied selection of metal classics. An eclectic mix from different corners of the ‘80s, all given a Thus Defiled interpretation. You can never improve on an original, only pay tribute. And this is ours.
Rather than asking for any payment, or doing a crowdfunding campaign so we can get a new sauna, all we ask is that if you have time and a spare Pound/Euro/Dollar or whatever your local currency is, you make a donation, however big or small, to Sweet Relief, the very worthy charity that Chuck Schuldiner was involved with. ”

A Return To The Shadows is available exclusively from the Thus Defiled website.

Having left this offering of pure darkness in our hands Thus Defiled have vanished once more into the shadow realms. Will they ever pass this way again? We can only hope and give thanks for A Return To The Shadows…and a quarter of a century of blazing British black metal!