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TLDR: Death metal with really strong production, but barely above average song-writing.

Review: Heavily pounding and tightly sounding MagnaCult has released the band’s third album which could be described as modern death metal. Instead of being pure death metal, there are some metalcore vibes and lots of groove, too. Maybe a hint of thrash, too. Growling vocals are angry and in-your-face, which isn’t something typical in the genre.

The first minutes of Infinitum are intense, hateful and full of energy. But soon the enchanting atmosphere fades off and the band starts to feel rather ordinary. The farther I went, the less and less interesting the album started to feel. It’s clear that the best parts of the album are in the beginning. Too bad, really.

It would be easy to just get lost in the terrific sounds and enjoy the fast pounding. But the production takes you only so far. After that you start to expect something else, something more captivating. And that’s where this album sort of fails. Riffs-wise this isn’t really a strong album.

But it’s gotta be said that these Dutch fellas are skillful in playing their instruments and there’s not much more to hope when in comes to the production. Overall this is quite nice an album, but nothing more than that.

Track list:
1. Righteous Murder
2. I’m Chosen
3. Scars
4. Liberate
5. (nimeämätön piiloraita)
6. Be Freed by Death
7. Holy-Um
8. Infinitum
9. Thou Shall Trust No One
10. 8
11. Schwatt Matt
12. Trash