PaleKing-MOTMPale King
Monolith of the Malign
Soulseller Records

TLDR: Dramatic, even gothic death metal from Sweden.

Review: Pale King isn’t exactly an average death metal band from Sweden. Their style could be described as dramatic and epic, even somewhat gothic death metal. There are dark guitar melodies and majestic synths to create the atmosphere besides low-tuned guitars. Think Monolith of the Malign as the 2010’s equivalent to 90’s era Paradise Lost.

Created with thick and heavy guitar sound, Monolith of the Malign is almost choking on its own bombastic nature, especially with the faster parts. When the band slows down, the feeling is almost like listening to ages old doom/death metal waken up from its hibernation. The flaws with faster parts are quite minor and the atmosphere in general is just right for this kind of music.

The band’s sense for meloedies is good and the same can be said about the deep vocals. While these are not original by any means, at least they’re part of the album’s good atmosphere. It can be agreed that there could be more catchiness as this kind of music is something that can turn the listener easily to slumber. There could be more diversity, too, but we go with what we are given. And that’s decent to say the least. Pale King’s debut is an album worth a shot.

Track list:
1. The Last Hour
2. Ominous Horrors
3. Monolith of the Malign
4. The Curse
5. Dark Intentions
6. Inflicting Misery
7. Resurrected
8. A Haunted Palace