To the Gallows
Soulseller Records

TLDR: Very mediocre heavy metal in retro spirit.

Review: Previously titled as a doom band, this Norwegian act now plays old-school heavy metal. Let’s make it clear: there’s nothing original here – this is pure b-class heavy metal without any flying fucks given.

The songs are pretty simple rockin’ heavy metal. Simple shredding is accompanied by easy-going melodies and catchy songs. This would be more than enough for a decent heavy metal album as long as the songs or even single riffs were good. But this is not Devil’s forte, unfortunately. Devil is simple, unoriginal and – truthfully spoken – boring. It’s actually so boring that it is almost bad, but just almost.

To some extent this could be called a retro album. I don’t care if it’s intentional or not, because in the end the result is very mediocre and no single feature or piece of info will that to any direction. Unless you’re a fan of stuff like this, just skip it. It’s not really worth your time.

Track list:
1. To the Gallows
2. Trenches
3. Dead Body Arise
4. Regulators
5. Reaper’s Shadow
6. Peasants & Pitchforks
7. Jumping off the Edge of Time
8. David & Goliath
9. Cemetery Still