Outruled by None

TLDR: Intense thrash metal demo from Finland.

Review: There are not too many Finnish thrash metal bands that actually play good music, but judging by this demo Igniter is definitely one of them. Their fast-tempo and intense music is the kind that makes you want to bang your head and shake your fist like there is no tomorrow.

The demo has six tracks and they are pretty much carved from the same stone. This doesn’t bother much since the music is full of energy and there are no boring moments involved. The atmosphere is definitely old-school and even though there’s not much versatility with the songs, at least this baby delivers what it promises.

The drums are quite straight-forward and unforgettable. Vocals on the other hand are uptight and rather original with the style chosen. I am quite sure this doesn’t please everyone, but at least in my taste this is good. I can’t really complain much since this is quite solid release as it is. Maybe a bit more catchiness and variance with the songs, and this one is ready to deliver an album.

Track list:
1. Outruled by None
2. Discharge Your Mind
3. Survival Anthem
4. Useless Chase
5. Nowhere to Run (F.S.T.S.)
6. Day After Day