ArcticSleep-AArctic Sleep
The Church Within Records

TLDR: Post-metal meets progressive doom in a good way.

Review: Milwaukee is home to this interesting hybrid act, founded in 2005. While the band is making new material, some older stuff got re-relesed. Arbors was originally released in 2012 and is the band’s fourth album.

The style could be described something like post-metal meets progressive doom. But while many of the bands play dark or gloomy stuff, this one is more on the beautiful and relaxing side. It may sound odd, but this combo actually works and doesn’t sound annoying nor stupid. The atmospheric metal is quite heavy, even if quite simple and easy to approach. At first the album sounds like Russian Circles and other post-metal like that, but soon after when the vocals set it, the overall atmosphere changes.

Speaking of vocals, they are quite charismatic and soft ones, but nothing too sweet or pop-like. This goes greatly hand in hand with heavy guitars which in turn are the main factor making this kind of music work properly. I can’t say Arbors is something unheard of, but it is in fact quite an unusual album – and in a good way. Despite smaller flaws, like not being able to reach climatic end, the album is in fact pretty good.

Track list:
1. Avenue of the Giants
2. Geneva
3. Black Moth
4. Althena’s Pond
5. Pine Mountain
6. Timber
7. Valley of Poison
8. Sea of Origins
9. Wolf Nature
10. Release the River