Blood & Poetry
Altare Productions / Nykta

TLDR: Raw lo-fi black metal with fast tempo.

Review: Hatespirit hails from northern Finland. The style is raw lo-fi black metal and the tempo is fast. In some ways this debut album summons forth names like Darkthrone and Ildjarn, but then again the album doesn’t sound exactly those two either.

While the songs are simple and the production raw, the album is not just one-trick pony doing the same song over and over again. There’s not much variation though and once you’ve listened to the whole album throughly, you know the drill. There are no details to be found. All and everything is raw fast-tempo black metal, plain and simple.

This is clearly one of the weaknesses on the album, since soundwise it’s all quite lazy. And because mostly the songs are just the same fast pace, the listening experience can get a tad bit boring. The only exception is the 12th track which is just an intro gone too lengthy.

But despite my slight negativity, Blood & Poetry ain’t a bad album. It’s more good than bad, even if with its flaws. If you’re into raw black metal, give it a shot.

Track list:
1. Blood & Poetry
2. Saalistajan kuutamo
3. Viha ja vitutus
4. The Wolfish Hunger
5. In Dusky Depths
6. Silvery Howls
7. Thought and Memory
8. Talvitunnelmia
9. Breath of Night
10. The Ghost Lights
11. Calm Before the Storm
12. Song of the Woods