End of Chapter
Les Acterus De L’Ombre Productions

TLDR: Atmospheric & melodic (post-)black metal.

Review: Lithuanian black metal ain’t too famous, but maybe Au-Dessus finally gets this country some credit. The band’s debut album a couple of years ago was indeed a positive surprise and End of Chapter continues on the very same path. The album offers some heavy yet melodic and melancolic black metal with lots of atmospheric elements.

Consisting of seven songs, the album offesr some 45 minutes of material. There are no weak links and the album is well-balanced one. There are no clear peak moments, which is a bit of a disappointment, but nevertheless it’s not a big thing. After all, End of Chapter is one of the better albums this year.

Even though the album isn’t the type to soak in your braing or very catchy, it doesn’t matter. The overall atmosphere, strong production and good vocals are enough to make a strong impact. It can be discussed whether Au-Dessus is more black metal or post-black metal, but if we give this idea a flying fuck, it’s clear that this is indeed one of the most interesting albums to emerge this spring. Be sure to check out this beauty.

Track list:
1. VI
2. II
4. IX
5. X
6. XI
7. XII: End of Chapter