Dark Descent Records

TLDR: Heavy as fuck death metal that sometimes goes even doomy.

Review: This US death metal band is no newcomer. It started in 1998, but had a break along the way. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, that might be a reason. After all, this is the band’s first album since their 2002 debut Superion.

There are only four songs on this mcd, each lasting about seven minutes. There is maybe one third excess, since the songs tend to get quite repetitive. Sometimes the riffs are more slow tempo, even somewhat akin to doom metal, whilst the album also has some faster parts. Not like blastbeat, but you get the idea. All these tempo changes are really important, since there’s not much variation within the album.

The beef and potatoes of the album are the heavy riffs and gloomy atmosphere. If these are not enough to get the attention of the listener, one might just as well skip this one. There’s very little to it except these elements.

The riffs are, naturally, backed up by heavy production and with a growling that sounds it’s coming from a tomb. It ain’t original but it does what it’s asked to. As such Thronosis hangs on the plus side, even if the album doesn’t last well too many spins. Despite its minor flaws at least those into Incantation and other dark US death metal should check out this one.

Track list:
1. Twilight of Eschaton
2. Nemesis
3. World Crucifier
4. Blessed Is the Epoch of Darkness and Strife