RasterDensity-MoMRaster Density
Mother ov Mankind

TLDR: Technical yet somewhat atmospheric death metal from Finland.

Review: Raster Density comes from Finland and their music is technical death metal. So far this band has operated self-financed even though their musical quality should be good enough for any label for this kind of music.

Mother ov Mankind is their second album and it features intense metal with good production and vocals to match them. Eights songs span more than 30 minutes of metal that is somewhat related to bands such as Nile and Origin, with the focus being more on the Nile side. This comes from the band’s more atmospheric parts whereas Origin’s style of brutal intensity is far beyond Raster Density’s style of music.

Even though Mother ov Mankind is clearly somewhat marginal stuff when it comes to the chose genre, it’s clear that these guys play well and they know how to create proper sounds, too. Even though this is a digital release only, it shouldn’t be an excuse not to check out their music.

Track list:
1. Alkebulan
2. Flesh of the Blessed
3. Cut Down the Tall Trees
4. To Be Leered, Abused and Shamed
5. White Skin Between Mortar and Pestle
6. Blood Induced Mass Psychosis
7. Eat Up the Red Soldiers
8. Incubation Period