The Second Fall
Supreme Music Creations

TLDR: Greek blend of traditional doom and heavy metal.

Review: Mahakala from Greece takes on traditions and blends them into a mix of powerful doom metal and heavy metal. Basically stuff as this should work like a charm with no problems whatsoever. But when there are good features missing, even the most basic good ideas can – and will – fail.

First of all, let’s take a look at the good stuff. The production of the album is solid goodness. Guitars have more than decent sound and there’s nothing to complain really. Strong, heavy and dynamic sound goes hand in hand with all the riffs the album has to offer. The vocalist is on par with this. His way of cleang singing is something that is good, if not perfect, for this kind of doom/heavy hybrid. It even reminds me of Ozzy’s signature style on some level. Even the background vocals are good.

The real problem is that the songs are not exactly good. Even though all the material goes by the book and is easy to listen to, the songs themselves are not original, cathy or simply good enough. There’s no edge, catchiness or personality. Everything is “just okay” which isn’t enough in the world of metal today. However, Mahakala is still something that one might consider worth checking out – after all this band does the basic work decently enough. At least if one is deeply in love with the doom/heavy genre.

Track list:
1. Army of the Flies
2. Redemption Denied
3. Purgatorium
4. Better to Reign in Hell (Than Serve in Heaven)
5. Darkness in Their Eyes
6. Wrath of the Lucifer (Infidels)
7. Unholy Fight
8. Blessed Are the Dead
9. War Against Mankind