High Roller Records

TLDR: Poor man’s attempt to play Venom or Motörhead.

Review: Paul “Evo” Evans is veteran UK musician. He has done his work both in punk and metal, often combining both together. His very own project, EVO, tries to put punk in metal or vice versa, and the result is somehwere in Venom and Motörhead scene. The bass guitar is strong and the riffs are simple. Sounds good, eh?

In theory EVO should be as good as the legendary bands mentioned above, but alas, the result is quite shitty – reaching mediocrish levels at best. The songs are just too boring to make an impact and the vocals are rather poor. There is no power, ambition, catchiness or actually anything that would make this combo sound good or interesting. Nevertheless, the elements are there and it’s not all hopeless. Thus, Warfare isn’t exactly a bad album, but it’s just something terribly boring.

I can’t really recommend this album to anyone except for those who are really, really much into the bands above. Maybe they can find the ideas and riffs more interesting than about 99 percent of the listeners.

Track list:
1. Screaming at the Sea
2. Cemerty Dirt
3. Misanthropy
4. Pure Filth
5. Black
6. This Man Bleeds Hate
7. Burnt Out
8. Doctor of Insanity
9. Carnage
10. Strangled
11. Stardust