ArcticSleep-PoGArctic Sleep
Passage of Gaia
The Church Within Records

TLDR: Progressive post-metal gone doomy & groovy.

Review: Arctic Sleep’s previous reissue, Arbors, proved to be solid combination of melodic doom, post-metal and progressive metal. Passage of Gaia is like a sibling to that album in all areas. All the same pieces of the puzzle are included in this one, too, just in different places.

Clean vocals, beautiful melodies, heavy guitar riffs and slow-tempo grooviness. That’s what this one is all about. Passage of Gaia is an album of good mood put together with simple heavy doom metal. There are moments when the album sounds more heavy than anything and sometimes it could benefit of more catchiness.

Then again there are those moments when the album just goes forward as if just a breeze of wind gave it some speed. Almost everything on this album feels like summer. And that’s not something you get to feel too often with a metal album.

Because of it’s original nature, I can’t really say what kind of audience Passage of Gaia is for. It might be too soft and too happy for some taste buds, but it’s not like it’s getting annoying or overly sweet with it. If you are into doomy slow stuff with some powerful melodies, maybe this is your cup of tea.

Track list:
1. The Staircase
2. Terra Vindicta
3. Green Dragon
4. Hyperion
5. Antipode
6. Passage of Gaia
7. Solar Lament
8. Destroy the Urn