Season of Mist

TLDR: Very little to do with metal anymore, but this post-rockish thing is just a beautiful album.

Review: Let’s be honest about it. These Icelanders don’t have much to do with metal music these days, even though that’s exactly where they roots are. In fact, Sólstafir has been quite a while more in the alt rock stuff than metal. Yet at the same time their metal background kinda reminds about itself through this band’s post/alt-rock music. Without their background I wouldn’t even review this kind of stuff, but with their past, I’ll let this one slide in. After all it’s one of the best albums so far this year.

Berdreyminn is a beautiful album with lots of sensitivity, softness and also darkness. Even though the band’s way to express itself is kinda soft and even pop to some extent, it’s also somehow very melancholic and full of sadness. It’s as if Berdreyminn was drawing in all the gloominess and dark ideas from bands like Katatonia and Tiamat and squeeze them into their post/alt-rock mash-up. And at the same time Berdreyminn also reminds me of pop music like Depeche Mode.

Now, I am sure I wouldn’t be this much enthusiastic about Sólstafir’s latest album if it wasn’t for its melancholic and dark music. As beautiful this one is with all its various riffs and atmospheric parts, it is as good as it is because it’s not a happy-happy-joy-joy kinda shit. Sólstafir has created nearly a masterpiece, an album to be remembered. All the way from the production to the songs to the vocals and to the fine details, this one is a beautifully crafted piece of art that deserves to be heard.

I’m not interested if this is an attempt to sell more records or a way to appeal to a wider audience. To me this one is one of the better albums this year. Now and most likely by the end of year, too. And that’s all that matters.

Track list:
1. Silfur-refur
2. Ísafold
3. Hula
4. Nárós
5. Hvít sæng
6. Dýrafjörður
7. Ambátt
8. Bláfjall