CaughtInTheBetween-IHPCaught in the Between
Individual Horse Patterns

TLDR: Melodic death metal does some thrash.

Review: Horse-themed Caught in the Between decided to go self-financed path since the very beginning. Skipping demos, this band managed to do all the mistakes with their first couple of albums. Now it’s time for their fourth one. Luckily for them, this time it’s a bit better. Melodic death metal with thrash elements and various stuff, here we go.

Even though the album name is a clear tribute to Death, there’s not much in common when it comes to the music. Individual Horse Patterns is more like simplified melodic death metal with some thrashy ideas and other stuff from various subgenres. To guess them all right would probably take a lot of time. There are some good ideas here and there, but to balance the scale, there are also a lot of quite mediocre shit going on. The music is not catchy exactly, yet not hard-to-approach technical shite either.

Imagine a square where all the edges have been cut off. It’s not exactly edgy anymore, yet not as smooth as a ball either. This is what’s going on with this album, too. For those into death metal, this one is too lame and those into melodic metal, well, this might just bee too “heavy” or demo-like. Surely enough the production would be good for a demo, but for an album? A too demo-like. Individual Horse Patterns is not a bad album, but it’s one of those that is hard to recommend to anyone.

Track list:
1. Espionage
2. Fist of Fury
3. Star Children
4. Betrayal
5. Nails
6. Mother Superior
7. Eraser
8. The Gods Above Us
9. Clockwork Orange
10. The Horse Battalion