FilthPig-YNFilth Pig
Youthful Nihilism

TLDR: Lo-fi industrial metal gone bedroom black metal.

Review: Filth Pig from Germany does industrial metal with lo-fi sounds. That means hissing sounds, low production values and stuff that actually is equivalent to something like bedroom black metal. Home-made DIY stuff.

Youthful Nihilism (Or a Cold Realization of the Anthropomorphic Illusion) consists of eleven tracks and the outcome is more demolike stuff. How come I’m not surprised this is a self-financed digital format…

When I listened to the album, it’s easy to spot influences from bands like Ministry and other big genre names. There is no originality whatsoever. And this wouldn’t be a bad thing if only Filth Pig was good. But no, Youthful Nihilism is mostly very mediocre stuff with metallic leftover riffs and shitty sounds. When you combine this with cheap drum machine samples, all I can say is “What a piece of shit!”

Even though this is not the worst kind of crap there is, the lack of style and the poor production make this all waste of time.

Track list:
1. Of an Anencephalic Accident in 1989
2. The Beautiful Decay of Supremacism
3. God Commits Suicide
4. Transferences of Death Drive, Bloodlust and Deprivation
5. The Self-destructive Persistence of Being Green and Red
6. Once into an Amygdala
7. Self-Consciousness Captured in Solitude
8. The Theomorphic Man Kills the Anthropomorphic God
9. Suicide Is Art
10. Hail the Nihilistic Delusions Born of Existential Angst
11. Like a Deviant Symbiosis of Egocentrism and Inferiority