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TLDR: Black metal band gone progressive metal.

Review: Charnel Winds hails from Finland and is known as one of the “new” generation of Finnish black metal bands. As such, it strikes as a big surprise how little Verschränkung has to do with traditional black metal. Welcome to the new age of progressive post-black metal!

Verschränkung is full of untraditional ideas. These go from blues guitars to progressive twistedness. Regarding conventions of rock or metal music, this is far from the ordinary. And not in a good way, I am afraid. It can be discussed whether this kind of music can be called black metal at all. There are hardly screamy vocals, the sounds are more prog rock than metal and the riffs have very little to do with the genre. Surely, there are topics of black metal involved with the lyrics, but so what.

Kudos to the band for all the unconventional stuff they have done here, but apart from a few better riffs, this ain’t a good album. In fact I had hard time enjoying this piece since the songs are not good. Vocals, whether shrieking or “clean”, don’t matter in this context. Both are fine and surely not the real problem here. The problem is that these guys are not in their comfort zone when creating this kind of music and putting it together, and you can clearly here that. So, all I can say: for acquired taste only.

Track list:
1. Devouring the Cursed Fruits of Tartaros
2. Avitchi Blues
3. Atmâsphere
4. Rebellion
5. The Abyss Gazes Also
6. Beyond Null Reality
7. The Heralding