TimeLurker-TLTime Lurker
Time Lurker
Les Acterus De L’Ombre Productions

TLDR: Atmospheric black metal borrows melodies from Deströyer 666.

Review: French band Time Lurker is quite a new band and this one is their debut album. Operated just by one man, Time Lurker’s black metal is melodic and deeply atmospheric. Occassionally the band manages to remind me of Deströyer 666 and sometimes Mgla. Yet at the same time Time Lurker is by no means a copycat of either of the bands mentioned. However, when it comes to the quality of music altogether, Time Lurker is not even near to the level of these bands.

Time Lurker’s debut is quite good, but it also makes me wonder why it hasn’t tapped into all its potential. While the band is clearly good at some points, there are a lot of moments when the band is just decent. The moments between the good parts are not anything special and sometimes the album just feels like it’s not there yet. It’s a kinda pity, since there are a lot of good ideas and there should be a climax to be reached, but not to avail. It is as the album was left a bit unfinished in the end.

Because of very little expectations, the overall is still quite good. Time Lurker is more on the positive side than neutral, even if its magic is not gonna last for long. All I can hope is that the next album will be based on the same ideas, but taken a bit further. Because that’s what this band clearly deserves.

Track list:
1. Rupture
2. Judgment
3. Ethereal Hands
4. Reborn
5. No Way Out from Mankind
6. Passage
7. Whispering from Space