Infinite Recollection
Twisted Face Productions

TLDR: Talented combination of thrash metal and progressive death.

Review: Started in 2001 more or less as a thrash metal band, Witheria has put out albums every two or three years since their debut album Infernal Maze (2006). There’s a clear evolution with their career as the band has adopted some technical death metal features in their music, too, namely from Death’s later albums. Even though there has been some minor problems balancing these genres together, it seems Witheria has gone to the right direction. Infinite Recollection is probably their best album so far.

Meanwhile the sound could be a bit better, it is decent enough for the band’s music. Growling on the other hand is more than “just fine”. Bass guitars are also worth mentioning as they bring more power to this kind of music.

Overall the songs are better than before and the band shines especially with the more progressive parts. Even though Witheria is still nowhere near Death’s superb genius levels, at least it’s getting better. Simply put, Infinite Recollection is an album worth checking out.

Track list:
1. UCB
2. Paradox of Hope
3. Interstellar Lessons Received in a Dream
4. Infinite Velocity
5. Isolation
6. Ultimate Extinction of the Form
7. Within the Multitude of Slave Brains
8. Cracks in the Fabric of Illusions