Impassable Fears
Svart Records

TLDR: Drone, doom metal & post-death metal with Attila Csihar.

Review: Experimental, heavy and sounding painful. These are the words which in my opinion describe Gravetemple’s second album quite well. Even though Gravetemple’s music has been called as death metal at some point, I think even Metal Archives is closer with its genre labels death/doom. Or how I would label this one: drone-infused post-death metal.

Led by Attila Csihar, by no means this is a band of first-timers. In fact, this is a band of veterans with quite a colorful past. There are black metal, drone and many other sorts of music included in the past. And maybe most of all, one can hear Sunn O))) from all the music within here.

The album’s dark soundscape is muddy and fuzzy. Of course it’s intentional, given the genre here, and this is an easy way to make it all more “inhuman” and more abstract. In a way this album is far away from traditional metal, even though there are bass and guitars to be heard of. Regarding percussions, it’s all “exciting” and experimental, even if not good in all its essence.

To sum it all, Impassable Fears is mostly interesting because of its members not because of its music. After the first album spin there are no surprises to be found and the album because quite average buzzing experience. Give it a shot, surely, but can’t and won’t promise it’s actually worth your trouble.

Track list:
1. A Szarka
2. Elavúlt Földbolygó
3. A Karma Karmai
4. Domino
5. Áthatolhatatlan Félelmek
6. Az Örök Végtelen Üresség