TLDR: Stoner meets old-school doom and melodic rock.

Review: Old-school doom and melodic stoner rock. That’s what this band from Joensuu, Finland is built on. Having done self-financed releases before, this is also the case with Deepkvlt. The songs bring forth the smell of sweet leaves and groovy mindsets. Everything is done quite well and according to the rules of the genre. Songs are quite nice and without obvious mistakes. There is even some progressive grooviness, too.

The songs, however, don’t make the impact they are not supposed to. I can’t say these guys play sloppy or poorly, but the songs are just so awfully general and bulk material, that I can not think of any reason why in particular Deep would be the band to listen to. Everything seems so familiar, except that Deep sounds more like a demo band than a veteran in the genre. So, everything is “just fine”, but is that really enough?

I must admit that I’m not the easiest audience for this kind of music. That is also the reason why I was left cold by the material Deep is playing. Even though there are no clear flaws, your average stoner/doom band is just what it is: not great nor bad. That being said, Deepkvlt is just for hardcore genre fans only.

Track list:
1. Kebab
2. Miranda
3. My Own Way
4. No Return
5. Mind Control
6. Nothing