TLDR: A successful sophomore album with proper second wave black metal.

Review: Rienaus released their debut album about three years ago and it was pretty good raw mid-tempo black metal. This is exactly what is happening again but now with better songs and more honed production. But no fear: it’s not like Rienaus is suddenly all polished mainstream black metal.

Saatanalle is pretty ordinary second wave black metal, but it’s well-balanced in all aspects. Guitar riffs have some dark melodies here and there, and the overall atmosphere is quite grim. It’s not like Rienaus is anything out of ordinary or the rawest band around, but it is clearly well-construced 30 minutes or so black metal. The screamy raven-like shrieks remind me of older Gorgoroth, which is nothing but goodness.

For all its worth, Saatanalle is a solid black metal release with nothing extra included. There are no female vocals, no cheesy synths or riffs that would feel odd in the context of black metal. Good, basic stuff from Finland. This should be enough of a reason to listen to this one.

Track list:
1. Hänen armostaan
2. Polku
3. Kuolleen jumalan silmien alla
4. Välisoitto
5. Saatanalle
6. Kehoonsa kahlittu
7. Pimeä hehku