Sinful Birth
I Hate Records

TLDR: Old-school thrash metal gone simple.

Review: Energic, furious and straight-forward thrash. This is what Swedish Antichrist is basically all about. Sinful Birth is cleary a kind of sequel to the band’s debut album Forbidden World, both good in bad. Nothing has really changed.

Antichrist’s stuff follows a certain pattern from the beginning to the end. The key factor here is speed, even if thrash metal’s success is based on the riffs and compositions. Much like the debut, early Slayer is something similar to this – even though Antichrist is nowhere near that in quality. Lo-fi production is another key element, of which I am not exactly sure how it plays out with this. It’s not like it has some added value to this kind of music.

Vocals are basic stuff in the genre. Nothing really good, nor not bad either. Sinful Birth is maybe a decent album, but still to far from being good. Just something one might want to check out if old-school thrash is the shit one is looking for.

Track list:
1. Instruments of Sadism
2. Savage Mutilations
3. The Entity
4. Under the Cross
5. The Black Pharaoh
6. Sinful Birth
7. Burned Beyond Recognition
8. Chernobyl 1986
9. Fall of the Temple of Solomon