Metal to the Bone
Godz ov War Productions

TLDR: Potent thrash metal left unpolished.

Review: Polish band Warfist has done its blackened thrash for over 13 years. Their discography is filled with almost ten different releases, although Metal to the Bone is just their second album. This one isn’t exactly a surprising release in any ways. Simple as fuck, this one throws punches around with its intense and straight-forward metal.

Even though Warfist has been considered as a black/thrash band before, Metal to the Bone is simply old-school thrash metal without any bm elements whatsoever. Riffs are pure thrash and they are backed up with rasping roaring vocals. The vocals aren’t exactly unique, but they do their job just fine. Songs then again are like punches in the face with their energy and straight-to-the-point ideas. Too bad they are also something that’s very easy to be forgotten. That’s also the cardinal sin on this album.

All in all Metal to the Bone is nicely put together with its not too polished sounds and decent songwriting. Even if it’s not exactly a thrash metal album of the year, it’s still way better than average shit to hit your fan.

Track list:
1. Pestilent Plague
2. Written with Blood
3. Convent of Sin
4. Tribe of Lebus
5. Breed of War
6. Metal to the Bone
7. NecroVenom
8. Playing God
9. Reclaim the Crown