Vendetta Records / Indisciplinarian

TLDR: Atmospheric and melancholic black metal from Denmark.

Review: Solbrud’s previous album, Jærtegn (2014), came out of the blue and surprised me positively. This Danish band proved to be talented group able to put out some beautiful atmospheric black metal. Vemod seems to follow the same path, yet doesn’t manage to reach the heights of its predecessor.

Consisting of only four songs, Vemod is atmospheric, even melancholic black metal. The album is like a polar opposite of more aggressive lo-fi black metal. Vemod is mostly beautifully carved and well polished black metal than anything hateful or raging.

In theory everything should be just perfect, but the thing is that Vemod is just too flat. There are no peak moments nor songs that really catch your brain so to speak. There is no climax. But even with this flaw, this well-produced and well-sung album is a nice addition to atmospheric black metal genre. Definitely something to give a chance to.

Track list:
1. Det sidste lys
2. Forfald
3. Menneskeværk
4. Besat af mørke