Ornaments of Severity
Soulseller Records

TLDR: Old-school death metal sounding like a retro band.

Review: Old-shcool death metal the retro way. This is what Maim is all about. Ornaments of Severity is their third album and it’s meant bring 1990’s Swedish death metal to this day. However, there’s nothing new or unique to this one. But it’s not like I’m hearing this kind of beating the first time and as such, Maim ain’t making the impact it’s supposed to.

But what its worth, Ornaments of Severity is doing good job with its retro stuff. Everything sounds like this is some ghost of the past. Sounds, growling, songwriting – just everything is like Sunlight studios in early 90’s. But that’s also its flaw. Maim isn’t exactly doing anything better than the true veterans of the genre. It’s more like going copycat with its homage and that’s only as far as this kind of stuff can get you.

So, the basics are all here, but does it gonna cut it? Not quite. At first this kind of stuff sounds refreshing but after a couple of spins you might just want to go for old Entombed or Dismember and get it done with. Has Maim anything to top that? No, not really. It doesn’t make this one a bad album, since after all Ornaments of Severity is a decent album. Even if being retro.

Track list:
1. Caves of Echoing Madness
2. Coffin Gloryhole
3. Aura of Desperation
4. With Nails and Bolts
5. The Judas Cradle
6. Skeletons
7. Ceremonial Knife
8. Slaughterhouse
9. The Gnarling Dead
10. Crushing the Tomb
11. Sepulchral Haze