Intrustion for Destruction

TLDR: Progressive thrash metal that often forgets how to make good songs.

Review: Comaniac from Switzerland isn’t exactly a typical thrash metal. While they do play pure thrash (sic), they are more on the progressive side. This wouldn’t be a bad thing, of course, if they just made good songs. However, this isn’t exactly the case.

The other problem, even bigger one, is their vocalist. It’s always good to have a unique way to do it, but I must admit that I don’t like the vocalist’s way to spit out words one bit. It’s not horrible, but it is surely annoying. And that is something at least I can’t get over with.

In the end the main problem is with the songwriting. The band’s technical output, along with good production, is good, but the songs are just lost in all the progressiveness. And when it’s accompanied by this kind of vocalist, I can hardly give this album much credit. Despite some goodness here and there I consider Intrustion for Destruction a very mediocre album.

Track list:
1. Coal
2. Suborned
3. Bow Low
4. Guarding Ruins
5. How to End It All
6. Self Control
7. Shattered
8. Heart of Stone
9. Forever More
10. Instruction for Destruction