GodsForsaken-IAPBGGods Forsaken
On a Pitchy Black Grave
Soulseller Records

TLDR: Old-school Swedish death metal done with skill and style.

Review: Old-school Swedish death metal seems to doing well or at least this is how it feels because of the many new albums in the genre recently. One of these bands is a brand-new name called Gods Forsaken. And their stuff is mid-tempo old-school Swedish death fucking metal.

These guys aren’t first-timers, they have paved their way in the past in bands like Wombbath and The Grotesquery. Not surprisingly, On a Pitchy Black Grave sounds like a well-matured cask of, err… death metal. There’s nothing really new or unique here, but zero fucks were given, because the album is simply speaking quite good! It’s energic, intense and most importantly, sounds fantastic. Well, at least in terms of a band doing 90’s stuff in 2017.

There are quite a bit of melodies, too, which is a good idea considering how the beating is what it is. Compared to recent Maim album, sharing the very same release date, Gods Forsaken’s album is way better.

Even if On a Pitchy Black Grave isn’t anything new or unheard of, I think this is one of the better old-school death metal homage albums. So, most certainly a must have for those into old-school… did I say it yet? …death metal.

Track list:
1. In a Pitch Black Grave
2. By Hate He Comes
3. Born of Blasphemy
4. Ashes of the Dead
5. Black Winds of Genocide
6. Curse of the Serpent
7. Souls Torn Apart
8. An Odyssey of Broken Bones
9. Chronicles of a Maniac