NervoChaos-NNervo Chaos
Greyhaze Records

TLDR: Mid-tempo death metal from Brazil.

Review: This Brazilian band has done their groovy death metal for the past 20 years or so. And they haven’t been idle: there are nearly 20 different releases thus far. But one can only wonder if this one is one of those going for quantity over quality.

Nyctophilia consists of 13 songs which are more or less straight-forward death metal with some thrash vibes here and there. There is no stuff going off-road genrewise, but unfortunately in this case it’s mostly rather boring. Nervo Chaos offer their “extreme metal”, as the promo letter states it, quite simply and without any ideas of their own. Of course this would be enough if only the songs were good…

…which is not the case, unfortunately. Even though the production is strong, the songs are not. After the initial spin it comes clearly: Nyctophilia is a dull album without any good songs on it. There are no hits, even if not misses either. The raspy vocals are not good, either. Nyctophilia is decent at best, but I can’t really recommend this one to anyone.

Track list:
1. Moloch Rise
2. Ritualistic
3. Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam
4. Season of the Witch
5. Waters of Chaos
6. The Midnight Hunter
7. Rites of 13 Cemeteries
8. Vampiric Cannibal Goddess
9. Stained with Blood
10. Lord Death
11. Dead End
12. World Aborted
13. Live Like Suicide