Alchemical Metal
Renegade Records

TLDR: Groovy metal gone grunge and tiny bit of thrash.

Review: It’s not easy to categorize this five-man band and their music. Take a bit of grunge and add it to groovy metal. Pick some thrash, hard rock and whatnot, and mix hard. This is something labeled as Alchemical Metal, as per the ep’s name.

While originality is mostly a good thing, it’s no excuse to make bad music. Not even mediocre stuff as is the case with the band called Maxdmyz. However this is unfortunately the case for the four songs on the ep are not really good. Even though there are some decent moments here and there with some okayish riffs, the overall performance is lacking some magic.

I can kinda imagine where these guys are coming from, but it doesn’t help me one bit when I’m listening to this ep. I am getting bored and feeling that I can’t say a really good word about this one to anyone. So, nice try but no cigar as they say.

Track list:
1. All to Hell
2. Reason to Live
3. Ex Deo
4. Down in the Dirt