WhiteDeath-WDWhite Death
White Death
Werewolf Records

TLDR: Melodic black metal debut with excellent songwriting.

Review: Founded in 2013, White Death comes from Lappeenranta, Finland. Now it’s finally time for their first full-length album. And what a debut it is! White Death is one of those black metal albums that are most likely to be remembered when the year is about to end and it’s time to think of the best ones of the year.

White Death is all about melodic black metal. Unlike so many other BM bands from Finland, White Death isn’t afraid going away from uber-dark and grim stuff. Occasionally the band actually sounds quite light, but this isn’t bad. After all, White Death is all about good guitar melodies and catchy riffs that take the listener for a good ride.

The best parts are in the beginning or in the middle. In a way I think the last track, which is almost folk metalish, is actually the worst one – even if it is the catchiest of them all. However, the overall is so solid that there are no clear weak links whatsoever.

The compositions are not the only good thing on the album. Good things can be said about the production, too, as well as the uptight screamy vocals. I’m sure they are not everybody’s cup of tea, but I think they fit the music here well. Even though White Death isn’t exactly a bull’s eye album, I think that overall it’s a really good one. Be sure to give it a shot!

Track list:
1. Born from the Unholy Fire
2. Immortal Hunter of the Moon
3. Kaste
4. Goat Emperor
5. Warpath
6. Cunt
7. Commandant
8. White Death’s Power