I Become Death
Godz ov War Productions

TLDR: Old-school death metal without any originality.

Review: Old-school death metal is having a revival, or at least that’s what can think of based on the amount of the genre albums sent for review during past few months. Polish band Hereza is clearly one of those. Too bad I Become Death is a mere copycat without even a good production.

The songs are alright, but nothing better than that. Songs are mostly mid-tempo ones and the riffs are just basic shit in the genre. They are not bad ones but then again it feels like they have been just copy-pasted from other bands with just minor tweaks. Production-wise the album ain’t too shabby. It’s like the band tries to be heavy so badly they just down-tuned the guitars in order to make an impact. Vocals… they growl. Really mediocre.

As much as I like basic old-school death metal, there’s no excuse to slack when it comes to writing and composing songs. It’s not like Hereza is bad, but it’s really useless. Like riffs of second-hand material. Somebody else used them already.

Track list:
1. I Become Death
2. Jebem vas u usta ladna
3. Homo homini lupus est
4. Uništi, pali, ruši
5. In the Name of God
6. Full Moon Slaughter
7. Neplodna jama
8. Torn from the Death’s Bed
9. Pošast
10. Tombcrawler