CriticalSolution-BTWCritical Solution
Barbara the Witch
Crime Records

TLDR: Horror thrash sounding sloppy.

Review: Norwegian Critical Solution calls their music as horror thrash. Their logo, name and music has surely some thrash vibes, but to be honest, there is no horror to be found here. Unless you consider being average joe as horror.

Let’s be fair, the theme of the album is sort of horrorish. All the way from the cover image to the stories told, sure. But this doesn’t carry much weight considering how the band’s music is mediocre at best. The thing here is, the songs are quite sloppy. They don’t have the intensity, fierceness or aggression that most thrash bands have.

It’s more like that Critical Solution is playing some heavy metal with some thrashy vibes here and there. And don’t get me wrong: nothing wrong with that kind of genre, but this album just don’t cut it. On top of that, the vocals, which are somewhere between normal raspy thrash vocals and clean heavy metal singing, are actually more bad than decent.

Being double-CD release, the second CD contains six cover songs from classic bands like Black Sabbath, Motörhead and Deep Purple. Goes without saying, I guess, these cover songs are better than the band’s own material. It’s only a light relief, though, since I bet my ass that nobody is buying this album because of the second CD included. To sum it up: Barbara the Witch is a really mediocre album with not much good in it.

Track list:
CD 1:
1. Natas fo Live
2. The Village
3. Barbara the Witch
4. Red Hooded Devils
5. Peter Crow
6. The Burning Pyre
7. End of the Beginning
8. The Headless Horsemen
9. Officer Green
10. A Lady in White
11. Return of the Witch
12. Into the Abyss

CD 2 – Covers from Hell:
1. Locked Up in Snow (King Diamond’s Black Rose cover)
2. Let It Die (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
3. Killed by Death (Motörhead cover)
4. Iron Man (Black Sabbath cover)
5. Speed King (Deep Purple cover)
6. Gypsy (Uriah Heep cover)