MisanthropicRage-GNLSMisanthropic Rage
Gates No Longer Shut
Godz ov War Productions

TLDR: Progressive black metal that lost its way.

Review: When a metal band is called progressive, it’s usually something set sail for fail. This is especially true with black metal and Misanthropic Rage is no exception to this. Debut album Gates No Longer Shut is far from being good.

The way Gates No Longer Shut is progressive means rather unusual riffs in terms of black metal and uncommon ways to use vocals. Meanwhile someone could call these ones original or innovative, I call them bad judgment. No matter what’s the style or genre: if it doesn’t sound good, it’s crap. And that is unfortunately true the case with this Polish band.

The riffs are not anything super weird or extremely progressive, they are just mostly poor songwriting. Vocals tend to go more on some drunken heavy metal vocals or whatever, but they surely are not the stuff you’d expect from a bm album. It’s not like these kind of ideas are taken from someone’s ass, but they make me feel listening to this kind of album is more waste of time than anything else.

Yet, this being said, Gates No Longer Shut has its moments. Unfortunatley they are closer to being bad ones than good ones.

Track list:
1. In a Blind Dimension
2. Gates No Longer Shut
3. I, the Redeemer
4. Into the Crypt
5. Niehodowalny
6. Cross Hatred
7. I Took the Fate in My Hands