The Great Tired Ones
Godz ov War Productions

TLDR: Doom and death metal collide into meaningless heaviness.

Review: The Great Tired Ones presents four songs of heavy music that could be labeled as death/doom metal hybrid. In addition, this Polish band flirts with black metal, but only so little that one barely pays attention to it.

There’s no denying it, The Great Tired Ones is a really heavy ep. Yet at the same time it’s also almost boring with its monotonous pounding. When all the pieces are chiseled from one single stone, the tone can get quite repetitive.

On the other hand it’s quite nice that the band doesn’t divert from its path. And this wouldn’t be a problem if only Loathfinder managed to create more versatility in their songs. Unfortunately this is not the case. From the very first seconds it’s clear where this is going and how it’s gonna end.

Gotta give credis to the sounds as well as growling and shrieking vocals. There’s nothing to compain about them. However, after the first spin with this records there are no cool or wild details to be found. It’s, after all, just plain mid- or slow-tempo death/doom metal til the very end.

Track list:
1. Genetic Gloom
2. Feast on My Entrails
3. Scents of Regression
4. The Great Tired Ones