To Further Dreams of Failure
Inferna Profundus Records

TLDR: British raw black metal suffers from somewhat poor sounds.

Review: British solo-project Abduction got its birth after a sort of tongue-in-cheek happening. Despite its start, To Further Dreams of Failure is the debut album with some songs released previously on a cassette demo only and now with some new material, too.

With 30 mins of music, To Further Dreams of Failure offers somewhat semi-raw black metal with ups and downs. At best, To Further Dreams of Failure really powerful with top-notch riffs and badass song-writing. At worst, Abduction is still okay, but nothing magnificent. Meanwhile the shrieks are good as are the songs, the production could be better. Now it’s just too mushy and lacks power and/or rawness. This is not a big thing, but worth mentioning nevertheless.

All in all Abduction leaves a nice tingle after a few spins. It’s not like this debut is a bullseye release, but definitely worth listening to.

Track list:
1. Self Burial Ceremony
2. Miser Destructor
3. Usurper in the House of God
4. To Further Dreams of Failure
5. Catacomb Chant