Devotion Lost

TLDR: Heavy metal mixed with grunge, blues and hard rock.

Review: Mammothor from Boston was founded in 2012. No later than a year from that, the band had already put out their Tyrannicide debut. Now, four years later, it’s time for their second album, Devotion Lost.

Heavy metal, blues, grunge, rock… these are just some of the elements that can be clearly heard on the album. Mammothor is clearly a unique piece in the puzzle. However, this is also the problem. Whilst the diversity itself is a good thing, the band’s song-writing is not on par with the playing skills. These players are clearly better than what the songs they have written.

The album starts with a good song, Howling Baying Jackal. Too bad it’s the only good song on the album. The rest is just mediocre stuff with the ingredients mentioned above. While the production is good, the songs are not. They are just the average demo material the labels get from the bands trying to make an album. This must be the reason why Mammothor went for self-financed release. Too bad, since there is potential. Now the band just needs to find how to untap it first.

Track list:
1. Howling Baying Jackal
2. Skin
3. Anatma
4. Faith Healer
5. Shadows of Oblivion
6. Elusive Engineer
7. This Is Not an Exit
8. Generation Thief
9. Blood-Soaked Candy Heart
10. Launch Pad
11. Tyrannicide [Reprise]
12. Pillar of Simeon