Malum-InsaneVesper-LDMalum / Insane Vesper
Luciferian Dimensions
Helter Skelter

TLDR: Two black metal bands on split performing fast.

Review: Malum from Finland and Insane Vesper from France are not very different bands, not at least when it comes to music. Both play melodic and quite fast-tempo black metal with their horns up towards Lucifer. This split features three songs from both bands totaling roughly 30 minutes of music.

Malum goes first and is somewhat better of these two bands. Malum has progressed a bit since their previous material, which ain’t bad either. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about the production, shrieking vocals or just songs themselves, Malum reigns here. While the music is quite good in the genre, Malum still lacks something they could call their own. Being original isn’t exactly their forte.

Insane Vesper is a few years older and thus more experienced band. However this doesn’t show in their song-writing or sounds. Especially the latter one is way too weak for this kind of melodic music which should use clearer approach. Musicwise the French band ain’t band if not original either.

All in all Luciferian Dimensions is a good split and something the fans in the genre should go for.

Track list:
1. Malum – Blessed by the Devil’s Blood
2. Malum – Night of the Luciferian Light
3. Malum – Wrath to Tear Down the Prophecies
4. Insane Vesper – Another Dimension
5. Insane Vesper – Dead Angel’s Choir
6. Insane Vesper – In Morte Veritas